Series: Geophysical Surveys of Bradford (GSB Prospection) unpublished report series

GSB Prospection Ltd
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GSB Prospection is a partnership operated by John Gater and Chris Gaffney who together have over 30 years experience in archaeology. The company has grown out of the first independent consultancy for geophysics in archaeology, established in 1986, to become the largest group of archaeological geophysicists in the UK. GSB Prospection specialise in the non-invasive evaluation of sites for archaeologists, planners and developers. In addition to evaluation work, consultancy, research and the publication of articles form an important part of their services. To date GSB Prospection have carried out surveys on over 1000 projects, including work in Bulgaria, Chile, Croatia, England, France, Greece, Northern Ireland, Norway, Scotland, Slovenia, Spain, USA, Wales and Zimbabwe. GSB Prospection operate according to the standards and codes of practice set down by the Institute of Field Archaeologists (IFA).