Series: AOC Archaeology unpublished report series

AOC Archaeology Group
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Primary Contact: Ron Humphrey
Associated OrganisationAOC Archaeology Ltd


AOC Archaeology Group responds to clients' needs across the British Isles as one of Britain's leading archaeological and heritage management service providers with offices in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, London, Southampton and Dublin. AOC Archaeology Group provides archaeological planning advice to a wide range of clients including property developers and their agents. Their role is to assist the developer in dealing with any on-site archaeology in an ethical but cost-effective manner through the careful integration of any archaeological works within the development strategy. AOC Archaeology fieldwork teams are composed of highly experienced and skilled field archaeologists who can competently handle a wide range of different types of sites and projects. AOC Archaeology also undertakes specialist field and post-excavation services including underwater archaeology, forensic archaeology, dendrochronology, osteoarchaeology and the study of pottery, building material, lithics and metalwork. AOC Archaeology Group also specialises in the measured survey and analysis of historic buildings and their settings.