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Oxford Archaeology (East)
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Formerly CAM ARC (part of Cambridgeshire Archaeology, Cambridgeshire County Council), Oxford Archaeology East's professional team works to the highest national standards and provides archaeological services throughout the East Midlands and Anglian region. We also carry out work further afield, in particular where it relates to our specialist expertise in the management and presentation of archaeological monuments and landscapes. We are registered with the Institute of Field Archaeologists as an accredited archaeological organisation.Oxford Archaeology East offers a wide range of archaeological services to commercial organisations, local societies, schools, professional archaeologists and individuals. We conduct a variety of archaeological work, from evaluations and survey to full scale excavations, illustration, display and academic publication. Our post-excavation team provides skilled illustration and design, as well as analysis of site data, finds and environmental remains. We also work with schools and other bodies to promote interest in local heritage through public events.