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H T Waterbolk
W van Zeist
(English summary). Describes the excavations 1962-3 by Biologisch-Archaeologisch Insitut Groningen in the Neolithic bog settlement, where eleven superimposed floors of four wooden structures were examined. Finds are presented in analytical tables and a report on the previously unpublished excavations at the comparable settlement of Pfyn is included.
F H Schweingruber
(Engl summary pp 103-4). Studies of wood, mainly from Swiss lakeside occupation sites, have covered fundamental aspects (eg the preparation of specimens, whether of charcoal or waterlogged wood, the effect of various environments on the survival of charcoal, the length of time that individual pieces of wood have lain in the open air etc), the comparison of pollen-analytical evidence with that from wood remains, the reconstruction of local vegetation, the selection of woods for specific purposes by prehistoric man, and technologies of wood-working. Some work has also been done on the analysis of medieval sculptures and panel paintings.
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