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FeedSax Data Paper in Internet Archaeology

Following last week’s release of the FeedSax Archive (find out more here), we can now announce that our sibling publisher, Internet Archaeology, has just published an accompanying data paper! 

McKerracher, M. et al. 2023 Feeding Anglo-Saxon England: a bioarchaeological dataset for the study of early medieval agriculture (Data paper), Internet Archaeology 61. 

Abstract: The FeedSax project combined bioarchaeological data with evidence from settlement archaeology to investigate how, when and why the expansion of arable farming occurred between the 8th-13th centuries in England. It has generated and released a vast, multi-faceted archaeological dataset both to underpin its own published findings and to support further research.

A data paper is a short, peer-reviewed publication designed to raise awareness of a dataset (held in a digital archive/repository) and its reuse potential. Click here to find out more