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Introducing Unpath’d Waters

Unpath’d Waters is a ground-breaking 3-year research project that aims to reshape the future of UK marine heritage, making records accessible for the first time across all four UK nations and opening them to the world.

Unpath’d Waters includes the work of many different organisations, with the ADS is playing a significant role by leading the work on aggregation of marine data from all UK state heritage agencies, academic partners, and commercial archaeological contractors, using experience gained in ARIADNE. ADS will also be working with UNPATH partners to develop an ontology and metadata schema for marine data, and we will make sure that it is compatible with ARIADNE’s AO-Cat, to ensure European interoperability. ADS will harvest text and image data, supplying it to those partners leading on natural language processing and image processing for data enhancement, and to the three research project case studies which are at the heart of UNPATH. For datasets that don’t have a designated national repository, ADS will provide long-term hosting and archiving, for such exciting sites as the wreck of the Mary Rose. ADS will supply additional data for the UK’s marine heritage to the current ARIADNE portal, but we also plan to explore re-usage of the portal software and re-use the ARIADNE triplestore to create a marine-focused instance of the ARIADNE portal.