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Starting with 3D Data: A 3D Data Book Sprint

Back in October, Keiron Niven, the Digital Archivist in charge of data standards here at the ADS, was invited to take part in a Book Sprint on 3D data at the Theatre Collection (TC), University of Bristol. The workshop came about after the archive of Ian Smith, an artist, performer and artistic director , was donated to the Theatre Collection in 2020. Part of the archive included laser scans of Smith’s studio, which were captured in 2018 and 2019. The workshop was designed to create a best practice document to handle the long term preservation of these 3d scans and any other similar datasets collected or created by the TC. The event took place over three days and addressed three key concepts that relate to 3d data and digital preservation more generally; data creation, file formats and metadata and audiences and access.

Kieron was asked to take part due to his expertise in 3D data preservation as part of his work here at the ADS including his input in the ADS’ Guides to Good Practice. Together with colleagues from other GLAM institutions  (galleries, libraries, archives, and museums) the workshop produced guidance on procedures and workflows for the archival management of 3D data. The concept of a book sprint is to produce a collaborative piece of writing in a short period of time and this guidance was completed shortly after the event. To find out more about the event and the book sprint, read this blog post by the University of Bristol Theatre Collection