A 3D Real-Time System for the Management and Analysis of Archaeological Data

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The first accomplishment of the ADS 3D Viewer project has been the development of an object level version of the viewer that extends the web-based browsing functionality of the ADS project archives with dynamic visualization of the available data. Each project archive has a short introduction of the project and a download section. In the download section it is possible to view project data produced in different file formats, such as JPG (2D images) and ASCII and OBJ (3D data). Before the development of the ADS 3D Viewer it was only possible to interrogate excavation archives by downloading individual files and reassembling the 3D geometry of the site, which demands a high level of IT skills and access to software by the end user.

The first version of the ADS 3D viewer exploits the 3DHOP tool and was tested using the 3D data of the Virtual Amarna Project archived in ADS. The 3D viewer offers users the possibility to interact with and analyse the 3D model in the 3D window embedded in the download web-page of the project, but also in full-screen mode using a trackball and different features (viewpoint, zoom and lighting). Now thanks to the ADS 3D viewer users can now browse 3D geometry directly in the webpage containing all the information related to the digital model.


Dr Fabrizio Galeazzi
Department of Archaeology
University of York
King's Manor

Project partners

Archaeology Data Service, University of York
Visual Computing Lab, ISTI-CNR