Electronic Journals

Aerial Archaeology Newsletter (New Mexico)

A new journal illustrated with lots of aerial shots

Archaeology Magazine

The on-line version of the magazine of the Archaeological Institute of America

ARD -- The Anthropological Review Database (Buffalo, New York)

A data base of anthropological reviews

British Archaeology

On-line version of the CBA's magazine, articles published on the Web two months after the hardcopy comes out

Centre for the Study of Architecture Newsletter (Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania)

Newsletter focusing on computer technologies for archaeologists and architectural historians

Current Archaeology

On-line version of the popular British magazine, with hypertext versions of articles and information

Dear Habermas (University of California)

Journal of postmodern thought 'by undergraduates for undergraduates'

Histos (Durham University)

Ancient historiography journal

Hugoye (Catholic University of America)

Semi-annual journal of Syriac studies

International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos

Journal focusing on chaos and non-linear science. PDF format articles are available, although the main journal is hardcopy only.

Internet Archaeology (UK)

On-line archaeology magazine

Journal of Conservation and Museum Studies

Technical journal for museums and conservationists. Alternative US site at <http://palimpsest.stanford.edu/jcms>.

Journal of World Systems Research

Interdisciplinary journal focusing on research on the modern world and earlier, smaller intersocietal networks

Myth and Symbol (University of South Africa)

Myth and symbolism explored, in a multidisciplinary forum

The Philosophers' Magazine

Philosophy journal, electronic version: useful articles about ways of thinking and key philosophers

Rock Art Bulletin (Italy)

Research articles on rock art, and lots of images

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