On the 8th Day of Christmas…

The competition gave to me …

Christmas jumpers in the lab,

           a snowy Silbury Hill, two ‘geofizzing’ students, a snow covered Castle Hill, a  sweeping  digger  in  the snow,  a  frosty  Grimspound,  a  Lewis  chess  piece,  and  a  snow capped Avebury.


Jumpers from Jersey! Viki Le Quelenec submitted this image from Jersey Heritage of their staff in festive Christmas outfits – the one on the right is an interesting take on the usual festive greeting!

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Some of the most exciting archaeological work is done in the lab post-excavation, whether we’re wearing Christmas jumpers or not.  See To Block Lift or not to Block Lift? An Experiment at the Early Mesolithic Site of Star Carr, North-East Yorkshire, UK in Internet Archaeology 28.

Or for something slightly warmer! You might want to consider AustArch: A Database of 14C and Luminescence Ages from Archaeological Sites in Australia.