On the 3rd Day of Christmas

The competition gave to me…

A frosty Grimspound,

a Lewis chess piece, and a snow capped Avebury.


Tim Sandles is the second of two runners up to receive a special edition trowel USB memory stick with this lovely frosty photo of the Bronze Age  settlement  called  Grimspound on Dartmoor.

Related resources

There are Bronze age settlements all over the uplands of the British Isles. See E. Ghey et al. Characterising the Welsh Roundhouse: chronology, inhabitation and landscape in Internet Archaeology 23 for a detailed study of similar types of site in Wales.

Or take a look at Cotswald Archaeology’s Hartshill, Berkshire archive which identifies evidence for a late Bronze Age and Early Iron Age settlement, including a large ditched enclosure. The late Bronze Age contexts from this site have yielded substantial amounts of iron working residue – evidence of the earliest ironworking yet known in Britain.