On the 12th Day of Christmas…

The competition gave to me …

a windswept Bronze Age site,

        a dig team in the office,  an icy Roscommon Castle, a Temple to Saturn, Christmas jumpers in the lab, a snowy Silbury Hill, two ‘geofizzing’ students, a  snow covered Castle Hill, a  sweeping  digger  in  the snow,  a  frosty  Grimspound,   a  Lewis  chess  piece,  and  a  snow capped Avebury.

Photograph of a windswept Bronze Age site. Competition winning image.

This  image was submitted by Spencer Carter of a site hoped to be Mesolithic, but turned out to be Bronze Age, Where have we heard that before…?

Related resources (if it was Mesolithic…!)

Mesolithic themed issue in Internet Archaeology

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