ADS Goes Live on International Digital Preservation Day

On 30th November 2017 the first ever International Digital Preservation Day will draw together individuals and institutions from across the world to celebrate the collections preserved, the access maintained and the understanding fostered by preserving digital materials.

The aim of the day is to create greater awareness of digital preservation that will translate into a wider understanding which permeates all aspects of society – business, policy making and personal good practice.

To celebrate International Digital Preservation Day ADS staff members will be tweeting about what they are doing, as they do it, for one hour each before passing on to the next staff member. Each staff member will be focusing on a different aspect of our digital preservation work to give as wide an insight into our work as possible. So tune in live with the hashtags #ADSLive and #idpd17 on Twitter or follow our Facebook page for hourly updates. Here is a sneak preview of what to expect and when:

The ADS’s International Digital Preservation Day

30th November 

8 am:  Katie Green, Communications and Access Manager

Katie will kick off ADS Live with an outline of what to expect during the rest of  the day. For the rest of her hour she will provide an insight into the work the ADS does to advocate digital preservation and promote re-use of the collections the ADS preserves. Expect lots of links to ADS collections and great images from the archive before Katie hands over to Jenny.

9 am:  Jenny O’Brien, Digital Archivist

Jenny is one of ADS’s Digital Archivists and will be spending her ADS Live hour accessioning a new data set into our Collections Management System ready for the preservation process to begin.  This will provide an insight into all the work that goes into preserving a data set before it even enters our archive and you might even get a sneak preview of some data before its available!

10 am: Tim Evans, Digital Archivist

Tim is the ADS Preservation Lead and will be spending his ADS Live hour tweeting about some of our behind the scenes preservation activities that are essential to the long term preservation of our data collections. Expect to gain an insight into the world of our deep archive!

11 am: Ray Moore, Digital Archivist

Ray is our ADS-easy Manager and will be using his ADS Live hour to tell us about some of the processes involved in archiving a data set following its accession. Expect a lot of talk about Metadata!

12 noon: Question Time and Bit List Analysis

All the ADS staff will be available for questions during this hour, where we will be responding to the release of the Digital Preservation Coalitions Bit List of Digitally Endangered Species . We encourage people to tweet in and ask us about anything digital preservation related.

1 pm: Kieron Niven, Digital Archivist 

Kieron is a Digital Archivist and our Guides to Good Practice Lead and will be AIPing a data set during his ADS Live hour. What is AIPing? Well Kieron will reveal all in his ADS Live hour.

2 pm: Jo Gilham, Digital Archivist

Jo Gilham is a Digital Archivist but is also responsible for the management of the  ADS Library project. Jo will be giving us an insight into all the work that goes on behind the scenes of the ADS Library.

3 pm: Louisa Matthews, Collections Development Manager

Louisa is our Collections Development Manager who is responsible for the development of ADS collections, the negotiation of data deposits and liaising with external partners. During this hour Louisa will carrying out her liaison role by attending the launch of the Bedern Group Declaration.  This is a declaration from key agencies, including Historic England, Historic Environment Scotland, the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales and the ADS, to work together to preserve and promote the intellectual record of the historic environment of the UK. Louisa’s ADS Live hour will include lots of tweets about the declaration and we have been promised photos of cake! During the Bedern Declaration launch the ADS’s Director Julian Richards will also be giving a short speech during which we will attempt our first foray into live streaming via Facebook Live on our Facebook page.

4 pm: Leontien Talboom, Digital Archivist

Leontien is our newest member of staff and will be tweeting about the processes involved in the release of the Coughton Court, Warwickshire archive, which is part of the Birmingham Archaeology Digital Archive Collection.  During this hour Leontien will be providing an insight into the exciting world of DOI Minting among other key tasks involved in releasing an archive.

5 pm: Paul Young, Lead Applications Developer

Paul is the Lead Applications Developers at the ADS and is responsible for maintaining all our wonderful systems as well as working on the development of new applications like the ADS Library. During Paul’s ADS Live hour he will be tweeting about some of the tasks he has to carry out to make sure our systems run smoothly. If you like the sound of Paul’s work, ADS is recruiting for another Applications Developer right now!

6 pm: Holly Wright, European Project Manager

Holly is our European Projects Manager and as such spends a lot of time traveling. During most of the day Holly will be on her way to Istanbul for a workshop on Publishing Archaeological Data Online. Hopefully by 6 pm she will be in Istanbul to round up our International Digital Preservation Day.