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‘Accessioning Arch Camb’: Gwynedd Archaeological Trust Volunteer Engagement Project

Gwynedd Archaeological Trust volunteers have been researching digitised versions of Archaeologia Cambrensis, the Journal of the Cambrian Archaeological Association, as part of the ‘Accessioning Arch Camb’ project. Using journal volumes hosted on ADS and the National Library of Wales websites, the project is helping enhance the regional Historic Environment Record (HER) for north-west Wales.

“We wanted to devise a project which meant we could continue to engage with our volunteers during the current climate. But we needed a something that wasn’t just a token gesture, it had to be a project of real archaeological worth. Resources such as ADS and the National library of Wales website have been invaluable in helping us achieve this, enabling participants to contribute from home. We were taken aback by the level of interest in the project – spaces filled up in a couple days” said Dan Amor, Outreach and Education officer at the Trust.

Three volunteers of various ages and genders smiling for a selfie showing their work area.
Some of our lovely volunteers.

As well as increasing their knowledge of the area’s local historic landscape, participants have helped unearth information on new and existing archaeological and historic sites in north-west Wales through studying the journal volumes.

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