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Transnational Access Scheme Launched – Apply to visit the ADS

The ATRIUM project invites researchers to apply to participate in Transnational Access training visits to support their research. ATRIUM’s Transnational Access (TNA) scheme offers researchers the possibility to apply for a fully funded placement at several different partner organisations to access expert knowledge and advice from leading Data Management organisations across Europe.

The TNA scheme aims to recruit and support approximately 200 Arts and Humanities researchers with mentorship and access to knowledge, data and tools from 14 different institutions across Europe. Researchers who are successful in their applications will be supported to visit the infrastructure providers in our consortium in person, benefiting from direct contact, knowledge sharing and network building. In total, 388 weeks of Transnational Access will be provided during the ATRIUM project.

To find out more about the TNA scheme please visit the ATRIUM project website, including information about the Application Process and FAQs.

The closing date of this first call for applications. is 31st May 2024, and applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application by 28th June 2024. 

Calls for applications will be issued several times per year throughout the duration of the project (March 2024 to December 2028). 

The TNA scheme forms part of the ATRIUM Project. The ADS is leading on Work Package 8 for Transnational Access.

A screnshot of a webpage for the ATRIUM TNA page

ADS Summer School – Digital Preservation and Data Management

As part of the TNA scheme, the ADS will offer Summer School placements on the topics of digital preservation and data management best practices for archaeological data, which is applicable to most data types used in the arts and humanities. Each year the ADS will host up to 8 applicants for 1 week at a Summer School to provide instruction in digital preservation and data management best practices for archaeological data. Training will be provided by experts from the ADS and will include individual time to discuss the needs of your own organisation or project one on one with appropriate members of the ADS organisation.

Our Summer School will take place between the 11th to 15th November 2024 and will be held in person at Kings Manor, York, United Kingdom.

Please note that this scheme is eligible only to applicants who work or study in institutions based outside of the UK.

If you have any questions about the ADS offering please contact Dr Nicky Garland, the ADS Training and Communications Manager (