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The following information is related to various grant-giving bodies and sources of funding for archaeological and anthropological work. We will try to keep these up to date and accurate, and add to them as more information comes our way, but PLEASE contact the agency yourself as soon as possible to check out dates for submission and precise levels of funding available. We are posting the sources for your information, but it is up to you to check out the details. We cannot be held responsible for changes in policy or deadlines by the grant-giving body.

Applied Science in Archaeology
Archaeological Fieldwork and Post-Excavation work
British Academy Research Grants
Challenge Funding
Derrick Riley Bursary for Aerial Archaeology
The Eric Fletcher Fund
Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)
The Prehistoric Society
Royal Archaeological Institute
The Tessa and Mortimer Wheeler Fund

There are a number of publications which detail other sources of funding for archaeology, archaeological projects and research. For UK based students, it could be worth your while to look up the following volumes in your library for other sources:

Hurd, Howard & Lattimer, Mark 1994 The Millionaire Givers, Directory of Social Change, Radius Works, Back Lane, London NW3 1HL ISBN 1 873860 35 8

Farrow, Andrew & Fitzherbert, Luke 1993 A guide to the Major Trusts, Directory of Social Change, Radius Works, Back Lane, London NW3 1HL ISBN 0907164 95 1

Casson, David (ed.) 1991 The Major Companies Guide 1991 Edition, Directory of Social Change, Radius Works, Back Lane, London NW3 1HL ISBN 0 907164 63 3

In addition, students may find that local authorities or local archaeological societies may have bursaries available for research which is directed at a particular area. It is often worth joining a local society in order to apply for funding. Some students may also find that their own local authority has student bursaries available. In this region the Yorkshire Archaeological Society and/or the Durham and Northumberland Societies have grant funds available - it helps to be a member and grants are only for work in the areas covered by these societies.

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