The purpose of the ARCHES project is to benefit cultural heritage practice and management in Europe by developing a European standard for the creation, compilation, transfer and curation of the products of European archaeology. This will be supported by a best practice manual for archaeological archiving, which will also have a twinned web presence.

This aim will be achieved through the cooperation of eight partners from seven European states, all of which will subsequently share the same fundamental requirements for archaeological archiving. Recognition and implementation of an agreed standard will facilitate the management of the archaeological resource across all participating states and enhance the opportunities for individual practitioners to enjoy increased trans-national mobility, as the skills and knowledge they have acquired in one state or country will be applicable elsewhere. This project will promote the sharing of best practice for archaeological archives in the protection, preservation and presentation of archaeological materials and information. It will facilitate access to our common cultural heritage across Europe.

The ARCHES project is funded by the Culture Programme 2007-2013 – Strand 1.2.1. Cooperation measures of European Commision (Agreement number 2012-1399/001-001).