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The ADS Grey Literature Library reaches a milestone!

As well as welcoming our lovely new staff members, we also have yet more good news…

… The ADS Library now holds over 50,000 downloadable grey literature reports!

Thank you to all the archivists who have worked hard preserving, archiving and disseminating these files and to all of our depositors who continue to make our Grey Literature Collections such a rich resource!

Hot off the Press!

In the past month, we have archived and released 730 new reports from OASIS, uploaded by 107 different organisations. Here are some examples of reports added in the last month:

We have building recording reports such as:

Bower, K., Matthews, C. and Thompson, G., (2016). Built Heritage Recording of a World War Two Access Tunnel to an Air Raid Shelter under Borough High Street from no. 143 Borough High Street, London Borough of Southwark, SE1 1NP. Pre-Construct Archaeology Ltd (London).

Drawing showing building elevations of numbers 127-141 Borough High Street as they were in 1948.

Black and white photo showing a detail of a domed glass ceiling at Chatsworth House

Dawson, L., (2008). An Archaeological Photographic Survey of Chatsworth House. Archaeological Research & Consultancy at the University of Sheffield.

Wouldn’t it have made a great image archive with the images individually available and searchable, perhaps a future placement task?

There are also Magnetometry and Geophysical Surveys such as:

Donaldson, K. T. and Sabin, D., (2018). St John the Baptist Church Cemetery Extension, Brokenborough, Wiltshire, Magnetometer and Earth Resistance Survey Report. N/A: Archaeological Surveys Ltd.

Elks, D., (2005). Hailes Abbey, Gloucestershire. Stratascan Geophysical & Specialist Survey Services. which carried out a detailed magnetic survey and a resistance survey.

Linford, N., Linford, P. and Payne, A., (2018). Stanton Drew Stone Circles and Avenues, Bath and North East Somerset. Report on Geophysical Survey, July 2017. English Heritage Geophysics Team.

Not forgetting the valuable work of Community Excavations:

Klemen, P., (2017). Haddo House Deer Park, Aberdeenshire: Archaeological Survey Assessment and Community Excavation. United Kingdom: Rathmell Archaeology Ltd.

And the many Watching Brief and Trench Evaluations such as:

Photograph showing excavation trench with rubble features

Hunter Blair, A., (2017). Prestongrange Church, Prestonpans, East Lothian. Glasgow: GUARD Archaeology Limited.

The new reports cover locations from the Isles of Scilly and the Channel Islands to northern Aberdeenshire, with projects covering sites such as Cresswell Crags, Nottingham Castle and the Tower of London; from modern utility trenches and garage extensions to Neolithic long barrows.

There’s something for everyone, so have an explore and when you find something useful, feel free to let us know!