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Depositing journals, monographs and reports

The ADS preserves a vast amount of published and unpublished material which is disseminated through the ADS Library.

The Library brings together bibliographic records and Open Access copies of published and unpublished documents relating to archaeology and heritage. The Library is regularly updated with new collections from publishers and fieldwork reports deposited via the OASIS system.

If you wish to deposit a Library collection, such as a journal, monograph series or a collection of reports please contact the ADS Collections Team to discus deposition methods and costs.

When contacting the ADS Collections Team about deposition of a Library collection please provide them with as much of the following information as possible:

  • Name of the publication you are intending to deposit,
  • Brief description of publication,
  • Contact details of the primary depositor,
  • Information on if your publication is born digital or has been digitised (i.e scanned),
  • An estimate of the number of files and total file size to be deposited. For example 100 journal volumes with an average of 10 articles per volume.
  • Name of funding body (if applicable),
  • Information on publication copyright,
  • Estimate of expected deposit date,
  • Any other information you think would help us understand your dataset.