D: How do you compile, maintain and enhance an HER?#

Maintaining and developing an HER is a continuous process that involves various types of work. At any one time, new information may be received from recent fieldwork about changes or additions to the lists of protected sites, or through project work. Numerous different organisations and individuals are involved in the process of collecting and supplying information, and with the increasing use of GIS and on-line access, new ways of making a wide range of data accessible to HERs are beginning to emerge. This section of the manual gives general guidelines for maintaining and developing the information resources of an HER and suggests some new approaches to recording information from development-led fieldwork and some ideas for enhancement projects. For the purpose of this manual this topic has been broken down into three areas:
  • Compilation from standard digital and documentary sources of information
  • Fieldwork and digital data collection
  • Enhancement projects such as national projects and programmes, local partnerships, universities and special interest groups
Case studies of some recent HER enhancement projects are also included.

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