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G: Glossary and List of Abbreviations

H: Bibliography and further reading

I: Useful websites

J: Useful addresses

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I.1 National organisations#

Archaeological Data Service:

Archaeology Scotland:

Association of Local Government Archaeological Officers:

Audit Commission:


Collections Trust

Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (COSLA):

Council for British Archaeology:

Deptartment for Communities and Local Government:

Deptartment for Culture, Media and Sport: De

Heritage Lottery Fund:

Heirnet Consultancy:

Historic England:

Historic Scotland:

Institute of Historic Building Conservation: Institute of Historic Building Conservation

Local Government Association:

Museums Association:

Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland:

Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales:

Royal Institute of British Architects:

Scottish Government:

Welsh Government:

Welsh Local Government Association:

I.2 Training and professional development#

ADS Guide to Good Practice for Excavation and Fieldwork Archives:

ADS: training opportunities for archaeologists:

The Archaeology Training Forum:

The Campaign for Learning:

Chartered Institute for Archaeologists - Professional Development:

Council for British Archaeology Briefing:

Creative and Cultural Skills:

exeGesIS SDM Ltd:


Harvard Business School:

Historic Environment Local Management (HELM):

Investors in People (UK):

Looking at Buildings (an introduction to architecture):

National occupational standards in Archaeological Practice:

Nautical Archaeological Society:

The Skills Funding Agency:

Society for Museum Archaeology:

TUC Learning Services:

Union Learning Fund:

University of Oxford Department for Continuing Education:

University of Leicester Heritage Practice Training Courses

Weald and Downland Museum:

I.3 Information technology and the World Wide Web#

Anti-virus (general information)

Brief history of the internet: Br

The CD Information Center:

The Cloud:

Data recovery example:



IT security warning service:

McAfee (virus protection software):


Proxy servers:,,sid44_gci212840,00.html

Site design (Royal National Institute of Blind People):

Social Media:

Symantec (Antivirus Research Center):

Web Accessibility initiative:

Web Portals:

What is FTP:

WinZip: W

World Wide Web (W3C) Consortium:

Writing for the Web:

XML Guide:

XML UK: the United Kingdom Forum for Structured Information Standards:

Z39.50 for all:

I.4 GIS#

ADS GIS Guide to Good Practice:


The Association for Geographic Information:



Ordnance Survey PAI programme:

Inspire Directive (UK Government page):

Open Source GIS:

I.5 Data standards and guidance#

Archaeology Data Service/Digital Antiquity - Guides to Good Practice:



Digital Scotland:

Dublin Core:

Forum on Information Standards in Heritage (FISH):

FISH Interoperability Toolkit:

HER Forum:

Heritage Data Standards and Terminology (includes links to other data standard sites):

Historic Environment Polygonisation Standards (Scotland):


Metadata: and

MIDAS Heritage:



UNESCO theasurus:

I.6 Disaster control plans#

Business continuity management toolkit:

Business continuity management plan (example template):

National Archives - Documents:

I.7 Online maps#

The British Library:

Genmaps - England, Scotland and Wales:

The National Library of Scotland Map collection (Maps and guide to symbols and abbreviations):

Old Maps online:

I.8 Historic Environment Records#

Archwilio (includes contact details for the Welsh HERs):

Heritage Gateway (contact details for English HERs): SMR Forum Scotland (includes contact details for Scottish HERs and SMRs):

I.9 Thematic recording projects#

Airfield Research Group:

Archaeological Investigations Project (1990 - 2010):

Association for Industrial Archaeology:

British Sundial Society:

Corpus of Roman Mosaics:

Corpus of Romanesque Sculpture: Corpus of Romanesque Sculpture

Defence of Britain Project (1995 - 2002):

Englaid: English Identities and Landscapes:

The Folly Fellowship: The Folly Fellowship Garden History Society

Historical Metallurgy Society:

Home Front Legacy 1914 - 1918:

Images of England Project:

National Inventory of War Memorials:

National Piers Society:

Portable Antiquities Scheme:

Public Monuments & Sculpture Association

Roman Rural Settlement Project: Survey of the Jewish Built Heritage: Survey of the Jewish Built Heritage

Tiles & Architectural Ceramics Society:

Parks and Gardens UK:

I.10 Storage and digital archiving#

Archaeology Data Service/Digital Antiquity - Guides to Good Practice:

Museums Association:

Museums Libraries and Archives Council (no longer exists and the link is to the archived version of its website):

I.11 Access to information#

Heritage Information Access Stratergy (HIAS):

INSPIRE Directive:

INSPIRE Implementation in Local Government:

Scotland's Historic Environment Data (SHED):

I.11.1 Equality#

Action for Hearing Loss (Formerly the Royal National Institute for the Deaf): http:\\

British Sign Language:

Disability Rights:

Document Translation:

Equality and Human Rights Commission:

Next Generation Text Service (for those using ‘text’ phones (or Minicom):

Plain English Guides:

Royal National Institute for the Blind: http:\\

I.11.2 Copyright#

Copyright Guidance:

Copyright Licensing Agency:

The UK Copyright Service:

I.11.3 Freedom of Information#

Information Commissioner’s Office:

Scottish Information Commissioner:

I.11.4 Education#

Accessing Scotland’s Past:

Inspiring Learning for All

Education Scotland:

National Curriculum:

People’s Network:

Museums Galleries Scotland:

I.11.5 Information gateways/portals#





Heritage Gateway: http:\\

Historic Wales:


I.11.6 National databases and Collections#


biab online:

Britain from Above:

British History Online:


Cambridge University Collection of Aerial Photography:

Church Plans Online Project (Anglican churches throughout England and Wales):

Historic England Archive:

Historical Directories of England and Wales (University of Leicester Special Collections Online):

HLAMap (Historic and modern land use in Sctoland):

Images of England:


The National Heritage List for England (NHLE):





Portable Antiquities Scheme:

Wales Historic Landscapes Register:

Scottish Palaeoenvironmental archive:

SCRAN (Digital images):

Vision of Britain (information from the Great Britain Historical GIS Project) Visio