Roman Piercebridge

H. E. M. Cool, 2008

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The project archive contains files to accompany the letterpress volume; these include digital files that provide the typological discussion of the finds and the catalogues.

PDF files accompanying the letterpress chapters:

All the files are paginated and are distinguished from the letterpress by the addition of 'D' in front of the page number and figure number. They can thus easily be cited in other publications in the following form.

Biggs 2008, D7.2 and fig, D7.1 (in the text)
Biggs, A.D. 2008. 'The wall-plaster and mosaic', in Cool, H.E.M and Mason, D.J.P. (eds.) Roman Piercebridge (Durham), D7.1-11.

In addition to the files accompanying the chapters, there is a file that gives a full contents list for the digital chapter files and the bibliography and index (combined letterpress and digital files).

Digital files Contents List PDF 139 Kb
Chapter 3: The fort: the internal buildings
Part 1: Summaries of the samian pottery PDF 172 Kb
Part 2: The wall plaster from the courtyard building PDF 488 Kb
Chapter 4: The fort: defences
Part 1: Summaries of the samian pottery PDF 256 Kb
Chapter 5: The Northern vicus
Part 1: The pottery kiln products PDF 398 Kb
Part 2: Summary of the samian pottery PDF 381 Kb
Part 3: Skeleton PB 73IF from Tofts Field 1973 PDF 67 Kb
Part 4: Report on the cremated bone PDF 48 Kb
Chapter 6: The Southern vicus
Part 1: Summaries of the samian pottery PDF 128 Kb
Chapter 7: The Villa
Part 1: The wall plaster and mosaic PDF 403 Kb
Part 2: Summaries of the samian pottery PDF 77 Kb
Chapter 9: The pottery
Part 1: The samian PDF 5.2 Mb
Part 2: The mortaria (forms) PDF 626 Kb
Part 2: The mortaria (stamps) PDF 1.3 Mb
Part 3: The amphorae PDF 151 Kb
Part 4: The head pots and similar PDF 585 Kb
Part 5: The chimney pots and lamp towers PDF 77 Kb
Part 6: The coarse pottery fabric and form series PDF 3.1 Mb
Part 6: The coarse pottery: catalogues of the groups PDF 1.9 Mb
Part 7: The 'native' Romano-British and Anglo-Saxon pottery PDF 1.1 Mb
Index: Samian Stamps PDF 32 Kb
Chapter 10: The vessel glass
Part 1: The vessel glass PDF 1.1 Mb
Part 2: A note on the window glass PDF 56 Kb
Chapter 11: The small finds
Part 1: The metalwork (text) PDF 914 Kb
Part 1: The metalwork (illustrations) PDF 9.4 Mb
Part 2: The Romano-British brooches and enamelled objects PDF 1.5 Mb
Part 3: Finger rings and intaglios PDF 440 Kb
Part 4: Beads, bangles and other objects made of glass PDF 432 Kb
Part 5: The bone objects PDF 1.5 Mb
Part 6: Objects of jet, shale and similar materials PDF 1.7 Mb
Chapter 12: The animal bone
Report 1 PDF 646 Kb
Report 2 PDF 247 Kb
Chapter 13: Work at Piercebridge since the main excavations
Fieldwalking in the Tofts Field PDF 392 Kb
Index of files and Bibliography
Index of letterpress and digital files PDF 127 Kb
Bibliography PDF 422 Kb

Database - CSV files :

The original project database was created in Microsoft Access and is presented here as a series of comma separated value (.csv) files for download. To save a file, right click the link below and then use file --> save as from your browser menu to save the file to your computer. The .csv can then be opened in most spreadsheet and database programs. The files are accompanied by documentation explaining the codes used within each table. The database gives details of the samian, the mortaria, the native and the Anglian pottery, the vessel and window glass, the coins, the small finds and the contexts they came from.

PiercebridgeDB codes CSV
PiercebridgeDB codes
[DOWNLOAD] right-click and save link
59 Kb
PiercebridgeDB Coin CSV
PiercebridgeDB Coin
[DOWNLOAD] right-click and save link
315 Kb
PiercebridgeDB CoinConcord CSV
PiercebridgeDB CoinConcord
[DOWNLOAD] right-click and save link
50 Kb
PiercebridgeDB context CSV
PiercebridgeDB context
[DOWNLOAD] right-click and save link
221 Kb
PiercebridgeDB GlassVessel CSV
PiercebridgeDB GlassVessel
[DOWNLOAD] right-click and save link
151 Kb
PiercebridgeDB Material concordance CSV
PiercebridgeDB Material concordance
[DOWNLOAD] right-click and save link
1 Kb
PiercebridgeDB Mortaria Data CSV
PiercebridgeDB Mortaria Data
[DOWNLOAD] right-click and save link
288 Kb
PiercebridgeDB NativePot1 CSV
PiercebridgeDB NativePot1
[DOWNLOAD] right-click and save link
31 Kb
PiercebridgeDB PBRH1 CSV
PiercebridgeDB PBRH1
[DOWNLOAD] right-click and save link
20 Kb
PiercebridgeDB PBRH2 CSV
PiercebridgeDB PBRH2
[DOWNLOAD] right-click and save link
22 Kb
PiercebridgeDB PBRH3 CSV
PiercebridgeDB PBRH3
[DOWNLOAD] right-click and save link
1 Kb
PiercebridgeDB PBRH4 CSV
PiercebridgeDB PBRH4
[DOWNLOAD] right-click and save link
3 Kb
PiercebridgeDB PBRH5 CSV
PiercebridgeDB PBRH5
[DOWNLOAD] right-click and save link
2 Kb
PiercebridgeDB PBRH6 CSV
PiercebridgeDB PBRH6
[DOWNLOAD] right-click and save link
1 Kb
PiercebridgeDB PBRH7 CSV
PiercebridgeDB PBRH7
[DOWNLOAD] right-click and save link
23 Kb
PiercebridgeDB samian CSV
PiercebridgeDB samian
[DOWNLOAD] right-click and save link
930 Kb
PiercebridgeDB Site concordance CSV
PiercebridgeDB Site concordance
[DOWNLOAD] right-click and save link
1 Kb
PiercebridgeDB Small Find CSV
PiercebridgeDB Small Find
[DOWNLOAD] right-click and save link
489 Kb
PiercebridgeDB Window CSV
PiercebridgeDB Window
[DOWNLOAD] right-click and save link
9 Kb
Database documentation PDF 268 Kb

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