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Festival of Archaeology – The Open Access Archaeology Fund

The Council for British Archaeology’s Festival of Archaeology launched this year on the 15th July. In celebration of this event, we at the ADS and Internet Archaeology would like to highlight the Open Access Archaeology Fund. 

The Open Access Archaeology Fund was launched with the specific aim of supporting publishing and archiving costs for researchers who have no means of institutional support. The fund was set up in the 20th anniversary year of both ADS and Internet Archaeology and since our first award back in 2017, we’ve received a number of applications and successful awards to the fund. Funds were provided to either publish an article with Internet Archaeology or to deposit a dataset with the ADS. 

Previous recipients


Somerset Levels Papers. [Released: 27 July 2022]. Collection doi: 

Prehistoric Lithic Collections from Yorkshire: Appleyard, Feather, Hardisty, Heys, Waterhouse and Woodward. [Released: 16 March 2020]. Collection doi: 

Photographs from the archive of the IUO Italian Archaeological Mission to Upper Egypt (1977-1986). [Released: 12 November 2019]. Collection doi:

Breedon Hill, Leicestershire: Geophysical surveys. [Released: 10 June 2019]. Collection doi: 

Internet Archaeology Papers

Santos, J. 2022. Why did Cities Evolve in Gharb Al-Andalus? Network analysis as a potential method for charting city growth, Internet Archaeology 59. 

Palmero Fernández, M. 2020. DSLR Digitisation of Colour Slides: The Digitising Jemdet Nasr 1988-1989 Project, Internet Archaeology 55. 

Ayala, M. A. et al. 2019. The song of air and water: Acoustic experiments with an Ecuadorian Whistle Bottle (c.900 BC-100 BC), Internet Archaeology 52. 

Whittaker, C. 2019. Breedon Hill, Leicestershire: new surveys and their implications, Internet Archaeology 52. 

Are you in need of support?

If you require financial assistance to either deposit a data archive or to pay the fees to publish an open access article in Internet Archaeology, you may be eligible to receive funding from The Open Access Archaeology Fund. If successful, the fund will provide the finances to meet these costs and allow your dataset or research to be made available open access for all. We also ask successful applicants to help promote the fund and to encourage donations as a way to ‘pay it forward’ for all the applicants who come after you.

Who may apply?

You may apply to this fund if you (as an individual or as a group) wish to publish an article in Internet Archaeology or deposit a digital archive with the ADS and can demonstrate that you have no other means of paying either the APC (article processing charge) or data deposit costs.  Applicants with partial funding may also apply for ‘top up’ funding. Applications to fund an ‘integrated publication’ of an Internet Archaeology article and associated ADS digital archive are also welcome.

How to apply?

To apply you will be asked to complete an online form which requests some basic contact details, a synopsis of your proposed article/archive (c.250 words), the research potential (c.500 words) and a statement of eligibility (c.500 words). Please note that there is not a save function to the application so you may wish to compose your responses offline in advance.

  • If you are applying for an APC waiver for Internet Archaeology, you MUST have had an article proposal accepted by Internet Archaeology and been given an estimate of publication costs. Information on submitting an article proposal can be found here: .  
  • If you are applying for an ADS deposit charge waiver, you MUST have received confirmation from the ADS that your digital archive is acceptable for deposition and have received a quote for archiving the data you intend to deposit. You can contact the ADS here: 

This is an open competition and applications may be submitted at any time. Applications will be reviewed 3 times a year by an independent panel.

  • Before 31st January to be considered in February
  • Before 31st May to be considered in June
  • Before 30th September to be considered in October

Applicants will be informed of the outcome of their application within 4 weeks of these dates.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact the ADS helpdesk  ( or the Internet Archaeology editor (

Coming up! 

Watch this space for more updates during the Festival of Archaeology 2023! Over the next week or two we will highlighting the recipients of the fund and the excellent datasets and papers that have been published due to this financial support. We shall also be offering an incentive for future donations!

Follow our updates by searching for the hashtag #FestivalOfArchaeology_OAAF on our social media channels!

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