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The Open Access Archaeology Fund

Set up in our shared 20th anniversary year, ADS and Internet Archaeology launched the Open Access Archaeology Fund, with the specific aim of supporting the publishing and archiving costs of researchers who have no means of institutional support. You can support our efforts by pledging a recurring or single gift.

Data produced by the researchers who receive funds raised as a part of this initiative can be found on the ADS website. Likewise the publications can be found on the Internet Archaeology website.

How can you help support out work?

By giving to the Open Access Archaeology Fund you help to reduce the barriers to open archaeological research and advance knowledge of our shared human past. This fund helps researchers with no institutional support. Funded archives can be found within the Open Access Archaeology Fund Archives.

What do you receive?

We are grateful for all gifts and to say thank you, everyone who donates over £25 will receive a token of our appreciation – one of our highly desirable red USB trowels. A limited number of special edition orange and purple trowels are also available for those who make larger donations (Orange for donations of £50-£74.99 and purple for £75 and above). Every gift helps. As the Fund develops we will publish here the total funds raised and list the subsequent articles/archives assisted by your generosity. Thank you for your support.

An image of a USB drive shaped like an archaologist's trowel

Thank you! With your help, we have raised more than £5000 so far!

To read about some of the interesting and exciting projects that have received funding have a look at these recent news stories on the ADS website.

Are you in need of support?

If you would like to apply for the fund, please visit the application page to find out more.