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About ADS presentations



16th December 2016

ARIADNE Final Conference

15th December 2016

HER Forum, UK

6th December 2016

HEIRNET meeting, UK

29th November 2016

Historic England BIM Meeting, UK

25th November 2016

HIAS/OASIS workshop, UK

5th October 2016

MASA Conference

26th September 2016

HERALD and Arches, UK

22nd September 2016

European Association of Archaeologists Conference 2016, Vilnius, Lithuania

1st – 2nd September 2016

Protecting your Digital Information Built Legacy Project workshop, UK

23rd July 2016

British Library, Boston Spa, UK

21st July 216

An Introduction to Records and Archives, UK

30th June 2016

DPC File Formats, UK

23rd June 2016


8th June 2016

Departmental Research Forum, Department of Archaeology, University of York, York, UK

3rd June 2016

OASIS lunchtime seminar, York, UK

11th May 2016

HIAS Advisory Board, UK

29th April 2016

CIfA 2016 Conference, UK

22nd April 2016

SAA, Orlando, USA

9th April 2016

EAC, Brighton, UK

18th March 2016

LoCloud Final Conference,

5th February 2016

ARIADNE workshops, UK

19th – 21st January 2016

Budapest, Hungary

11th January 2016