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About Partnerships

Mandated archive status partners

The ADS is currently a mandated archive for the following national organisations and funding councils:

Logo for the Natural Environment Research CouncilNatural Environment Research Council

The ADS are the mandated data centre for NERC funded archaeological science data. The ADS are committed to providing archive services for relevant projects, including ensuring information is provided to the NERC Data Catalogue Service. See also our advice for NERC grant holders or applicants.

Marine Environmental Data and Information Network

The ADS is one of MEDIN’s accredited Data Archive Centres (DACs), as member of the federated Historic Environment DAC in partnership with Historic Environment Scotland (HES) and the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales (RCAHMW). A key objective of MEDIN is to establish an operational network of linked marine data archive centres (DACs) to provide secure long-term storage for marine data.

Scientific Data

The ADS is one of Nature’s recommended repositories for long-term preservation of datasets accompanying publications in its peer-reviewed, open-access journal Scientific Data.

Historic England


The ADS have a long-standing partnership with Historic England (HE), to archive and disseminate the digital outputs of HE funded projects.

Logo for Arts and Humanities Research CouncilArts and Humanities Research Council

The ADS is an approved digital repository for AHRC-funded projects. See also our advice for AHRC grant holders or applicants.