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About Governance

Management committee

The work of the ADS is overseen by a Management Committee made up of representatives of key stakeholders, funders, and user communities. The Committee meets once a year, attended by the ADS internal management team. The role of the Management Committee is to monitor progress and ensure that the ADS continues to work towards its strategic goals. Its Terms of Reference are to:

Develop a strategic vision by:

  • Identifying priorities for the advancement of ADS core objectives,
  • Identifying routes and means to further the collection, description, cataloguing, preservation and provision of user support for digital resources created as a product of archaeological and heritage investigation and research,
  • Assisting in the development and maintenance of a secure financial base and viable business model.

Monitor progress and usage by:

  • Reviewing progress on the delivery of principal projects,
  • Monitoring usage of key identified areas of ADS digital resources,
  • Receiving annual financial and activity reports.

Represent stakeholder communities by:

  • Promote standards and guidelines for best practice in the creation, description, preservation and use of research data,
  • Articulate the views of the user communities with an interest in the production and use of digital data.

Management Commitee Members


Professor Sam Turner – Newcastle University


Dr Jeremy Huggett – University of Glasgow

Dr William Kilbride – Digital Preservation Coalition

The ADS Management Team

Director: Professor Julian Richards
Deputy Director: Dr Tim Evans (”ex officio”)
Collections Development Manager: Dr Katie Green (”ex officio”)
Research Projects Manager: Dr Holly Wright (”ex officio”)
Training and Communications Project Manager : Dr Nicky Garland (”ex officio”)
Lead Applications Developer: Jamie Bradley (”ex officio”)
Internet Archaeology Editor: Judith Winters (”ex officio”)

Ordinary Members

Joanna Dunster AHRC
Nick Boldrini ALGAO
Andrea Sharp/Charlotte Clarke NERC
Clare Postelthwaite MEDIN
Neil Redfern Council for British Archaeology
Anthony Sinclair Advance HE
Keith May Historic England
Andrew Nicoll Historic Environment Scotland
Graeme Earl SOAS
David Thomas RCAHMW
Simon Gilmour/Adela Rauchova Society of Antiquaries of Scotland
Andrew Bevan University College London, Institute of Archaeology
Tim Darvill University of Bournemouth
Richard Higgins University of Durham, Archives and Special Collections
Fraser Sturt University of Southampton

Members of the ADS Management Committee serve in a purely advisory capacity and have no legal liability whatsoever.