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Say Goodbye to OASIS Images!

As many readers will be aware the a new OASIS system (OASIS V) is now in place. In preparation for this we have taken the decision to remove the OASIS Images function from the current OASIS IV system from the 1st of April 2021.

What! Will this make depositing more expensive I hear you say?

The simple answer is no! In fact we will be reducing our standard ADS-easy set up fee from £200.00 to £150.00 for all ADS-easy deposited archives so archiving will generally become cheaper.

For all archives submitted via ADS-easy from the 1st of April 2021 a set fee of £150.00 (exclusive of VAT) will apply. As as part of this set fee depositors will be able to deposit up to 150 jpg/tiff images at no extra cost. Additional files will then be charged on a per file basis according to our current per file charges.

How will I deposit my photos from 1st of April 2021?

From the 1st of April 2021 depositors just need to log into the ADS-easy system without having to follow the more complex OASIS Image login process from OASIS IV. OASIS IV will include a notification to let users know about the change.

Why now?

We have decided to reduce our fees early to coincide with the beginning of the financial year. We have made this decision because our quotation system provides quotes that are valid up till the end of each financial year, and we believe coinciding this with, what is the beginning of a new financial year for the majority of our customers would be more favourable to our customers.

Why do you need to remove it at all?

The OASIS Image system was a temporary solution set up to provide a lower cost option to deposit born digital photographic imagery that was being created during small to medium archaeological interventions and was never intended to be included in OASIS V.

As time has progressed more digital archives are being created and deposited that contain more than just photographic imagery. The change we are implementing will hopefully encourage the deposit of more complete datasets, as adding an extra file or two to your standard 150 OASIS Image archive will now just incur the additional file costs, rather than upgrading the dataset to a more expensive ADS-easy submission and incurring the previous ADS-easy set fee of £200.00 as it would have before the 1st of April 2021.

In addition, by only having one primary route to deposit small to medium archives with ADS, we will be simplifying the deposit process and making our systems more transparent and user friendly.

What happens until the 1st of April 2021?

OASIS Image archives can continue to be submitted using the normal route via OASIS IV for £150.00 plus VAT. For all non OASIS Images that are submitted before the 1st of April 2021 via ADS-easy the current costs will apply.

What about archives that are not submitted via OASIS images or ADS-easy?

Larger archives not submitted via ADS-easy will also benefit from the reduced costs, as up to 150 images will also be included in the traditional deposit set fee from the 1st of April 2021 and costings for these types of deposits can be provided by contacting as usual.



2 responses to “Say Goodbye to OASIS Images!

Chris Hewitson says:

Will the ADS Easy deposit allow deposition of small digital archives, including GIS Shape Files and metadata.

ADS says:

Hi Chris Yes ADS-easy was designed for the the deposit of small digital archives. This covers datasets of less than 1000 files of the approved file types, which include GIS shapefiles, as long as each file is below 100MB in size.

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