Miles, D. W H. and Alcock, N. W., (2014). The Medieval Peasant House in Midland England. Oxford: Oxbow Books.

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The Medieval Peasant House in Midland England
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Supplementary Material from Accompanying DVD. For key to codes, see Locations (below)
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The aim of this lavishly illustrated book is to provide an in-depth study of the many medieval peasant houses still standing in Midland villages, and of their historical context. In particular, the combination of tree-ring and radiocarbon dating, detailed architectural study and documentary research illuminates both their nature and their status. The results are brought together to provide a new and detailed view of the medieval peasant house, resolving the contradiction between the archaeological and architectural evidence, and illustrating how its social organisation developed in the period before we have extensive documentary evidence for the use of space within the house. This monograph is accompanied by a DVD that contains individual house reports.
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Daniel W H Miles
N W Alcock
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Oxbow Books
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Site: ALC-A Warwickshire Alcester, 19 Henley St
Site: ANS-A Leicestershire Anstey, Green Farm, Bradgate Road
Site: ASH-A Warwickshire Ashow, Trinity Cottage
Site: AST-A Oxfordshire Aston Tirrold, The Cottage, Aston Street
Site: BAT-A Nottinghamshire Bathley, The Hollies
Site: BIF-A Oxfordshire Shiplake, Barn Grounds, Binfield Heath
Site: BIL-A Leicestershire Billesdon, The Gables, 6 Church Street
Site: BIN-A Warwickshire Binton, Kineton Cottage
Site: BIT-A Warwickshire Bishops Tachbrook, The Leopard
Site: BOT-A Buckinghamshire Botolph Claydon, Rosamond Cottage
Site: BRN-H Rutland Braunston, Quaintree House
Site: CAD-A Leicestershire Cadeby, Church Cottage
Site: CAS-A Leicestershire Castle Donington, 1 Apiary Gate
Site: CAS-B Leicestershire Castle Donington, 31 Bondgate
Site: CLI-B Nottinghamshire Clifton, TIL House, 56 Village Road
Site: COS-A Leicestershire Cosby, 9 The Nook
Site: COS-B Leicestershire Cosby, Coates Barn, Main Street
Site: COU-A West_Midlands Coundon, Alveston Cottage
Site: CUB-A Warwickshire Cubbington, Old Manor House
Site: DID-A Oxfordshire Didcot, 26 Manor Road
Site: DID-B Oxfordshire East Hagbourne, Kingsholm
Site: DIS-A Leicestershire Diseworth, Plough Inn, 33 Hall Gate
Site: EAH-A Oxfordshire East Hendred, Old Forge, Church Street
Site: EAH-B Oxfordshire East Hendred, Inglenook/Penny Green, Catte Street
Site: EAH-C Oxfordshire East Hendred, Godfrey's Farm, 2 St Marys Road
Site: ERD-A West_Midlands Erdington, Lad in the Lane, Bromford Lane
Site: FOS-A Gloucestershire Frampton-on-Severn, Old House (Advowson Farm)
Site: FOS-B Gloucestershire Frampton-on-Severn, Wildgoose Cottage
Site: FRI-A Oxfordshire Fringford, Fringford Mill
Site: HAL-A Leicestershire Hallaton, 29 High Street
Site: HAL-B Leicestershire Hallaton, 34 Churchgate
Site: HAR-A Oxfordshire Harwell, Dell Cottage, Church Lane
Site: HAR-B Oxfordshire Harwell, Church Farm, Church Lane
Site: HAR-C Oxfordshire Harwell, Abbey Timbers, Broadway Hill
Site: HAR-D Oxfordshire Harwell, Pomander House, Townsend
Site: HAR-E Oxfordshire Harwell, Tibberton Cottage, Wellshead Lane
Site: HAR-F Oxfordshire Harwell, Holywell Cottage, Wellshead Lane
Site: HBY-C Leicestershire Harby, Home Farm
Site: HIW-A Warwickshire Leek Wootton, Old Thatched Cottage, Hill Wootton
Site: HOB-A Leicestershire Hoby, Roof Tree Cottage
Site: HUG-A Buckinghamshire Hughenden, Grange Farm, Widmer End
Site: IVI-A Buckinghamshire Ivinghoe, Pendyce House, 12-14 Station Road
Site: LEW-A Warwickshire Leek Wootton, Old Forge Cottage
Site: LNG-M Warwickshire Long Marston, Hopkins, Wyre Lane
Site: LON-A Buckinghamshire Long Crendon, Abel's Cottage, 43 High Street
Site: LON-B Buckinghamshire Long Crendon, Woodpeckers, 25 High Street
Site: LON-C Buckinghamshire Long Crendon, Church Green Cottage, 102-104 High Street
Site: LON-D Buckinghamshire Long Crendon, 96-98 High Street (96) and LON-K Buckinghamshire Long Crendon, 96-98 High Street (98)
Site: LON-E Buckinghamshire Long Crendon, Cordwainers, 2 Bicester Road
Site: LON-F Buckinghamshire Long Crendon, Dragon Fm, 121 Bicester Road
Site: LON-G Buckinghamshire Long Crendon, Sycamore Farm, 9 Bicester Road
Site: LON-H Buckinghamshire Long Crendon, Old Bakehouse, 61 Bicester Road
Site: LON-I Buckinghamshire Long Crendon, Warwick Farm, 31 Bicester Road
Site: LON-J Buckinghamshire Long Crendon, Wapping, 66 High Street
Site: LON-L Buckinghamshire Long Crendon, 82 High Street
Site: LON-M Buckinghamshire Long Crendon, Lower End House, 72 Bicester Road,
Site: LON-N Buckinghamshire Long Crendon, Harfield Cottage, 7 Bicester Road
Site: LON-O Buckinghamshire Long Crendon, Manor House, Frogmore Lane
Site: LON-P Buckinghamshire Long Crendon, 'Manor Garage' (at Manor House)
Site: LON-Q Buckinghamshire Long Crendon, 2 The Square
Site: LON-R Buckinghamshire Long Crendon, 27-29 High Street
Site: LON-S Buckinghamshire Long Crendon, Eight Bells, 51 High Street
Site: LON-T Buckinghamshire Long Crendon, 58-60 High Street
Site: LON-U Buckinghamshire Long Crendon, Northend Farm (Bicester Road)
Site: LOW-A Oxfordshire Long Wittenham, Terret Close, High Street
Site: LOW-B Oxfordshire Long Wittenham, Cruck Cottage (Cruckfield)
Site: LOW-C Oxfordshire Long Wittenham, 33 High Street
Site: LOX-A Warwickshire Loxley, Loxley Farm
Site: LWH-A Leicestershire Long Whatton , 4 Main Street (The Boot)
Site: MDM-A Oxfordshire Mapledurham, Mill Farm
Site: MDM-B Oxfordshire Mapledurham, Pithouse, Trench Green
Site: MDM-C Oxfordshire Mapledurham, Three Chimneys, Jackson’s Lane
Site: MOU-A Oxfordshire Moulsford, Pye Corner
Site: NEB-A Warwickshire Newton-and-Biggin, Stag & Pheasant
Site: NEW-A Leicestershire Newtown Linford, Vine Cottage, 9 Main Street
Site: NEW-B Leicestershire Newtown Linford, Rose Cottage, 11-13 Main Street
Site: NOS-C Nottinghamshire Normanton-on-Soar, Old Post Office
Site: NWH-A Warwickshire Nether Whitacre, Church Farm
Site: NWL-A Buckinghamshire Newton Longville, Jasmine Cottage, 52 West Brook End
Site: NWL-B Buckinghamshire Newton Longville, Ivy Lodge
Site: NWL-C Buckinghamshire Newton Longville, Paradise Cottage
Site: NWL-D Buckinghamshire Newton Longville, Beverley Cottage
Site: OXH-A Warwickshire Oxhill, Old Post Office
Site: POL-A Warwickshire Polesworth, 64 High Street
Site: RAD-A Oxfordshire Radley, Thatched Cott, 46-8 Lower Radley
Site: RAD-B Oxfordshire Radley, Bakers Close, 104 Lower Radley
Site: ROT-A Leicestershire Rothley, Old House, 89 Town Green Street
Site: ROT-B Leicestershire Rothley, April Cottage, 12 Church Street
Site: ROT-C Leicestershire Rothley, 13 Fowke Street
Site: ROT-D Leicestershire Rothley, 91 Town Green Street
Site: ROW-A Warwickshire Rowington, Holywell Farm
Site: SKI-A Buckinghamshire Hambledon, Old Crown House & Isabel Cottage, Skirmett
Site: SOF-A Warwickshire Stretton-on-Fosse, Manor Farm
Site: SOU-A Warwickshire Southam, 26 Warwick Road
Site: STC-A Buckinghamshire Steeple Claydon, Willow Vale Fm, West End
Site: STC-B Buckinghamshire Steeple Claydon, Rhenold’s Close, 28 North End
Site: STC-C Buckinghamshire Steeple Claydon, Well Cottage, 42-44 Queen Catherine Road
Site: STE-A Oxfordshire Steventon, Folly Ho, 53 The Causeway
Site: STE-B Oxfordshire Steventon, Tudor House, 67 The Causeway and STE-D Oxfordshire Steventon, 71 The Causeway
Site: STE-C Oxfordshire Steventon, 83 The Causeway
Site: STE-E Oxfordshire Steventon, 39 The Causeway
Site: STE-F Oxfordshire Steventon, Priory Cottages, 127 The Causeway & The Priory, 123-5 The Causeway
Site: STE-G Oxfordshire Steventon, 99 The Causeway
Site: STE-H Oxfordshire Steventon, 87 The Causeway
Site: STE-I Oxfordshire Steventon, 79 & 81 The Causeway
Site: STE-J Oxfordshire Steventon, 35-7 The Causeway
Site: STE-K Oxfordshire Steventon, 12 Milton Lane
Site: STE-L Oxfordshire Steventon, Home Fm, 14-16 Milton Lane
Site: STE-M Oxfordshire Steventon, Green Fm (I), 1 Milton Lane
Site: STE-N Oxfordshire Steventon, Old Farm, 5 Kennel Lane
Site: STK-A Buckinghamshire Stokenchurch, Kensham Farm
Site: STO-A Warwickshire Stoneleigh, 10 Vicarage Road
Site: STO-B Warwickshire Stoneleigh, Skep Cottage, 3 Birmingham Road
Site: STO-C Warwickshire Stoneleigh, High Beams, 8-9 Vicarage Road
Site: STO-D Warwickshire Stoneleigh, 23-5 Birmingham Road
Site: STO-E Warwickshire Stoneleigh, Motslow Cottages
Site: STO-F Warwickshire Stoneleigh, Phoenix Cott, 1 Birmingham Road
Site: STO-G Warwickshire Stoneleigh, Pypes Mill
Site: STO-H Warwickshire Stoneleigh, 2 Church Lane
Site: STO-I Warwickshire Stoneleigh, Bridge Cottage
Site: STO-J Warwickshire Stoneleigh, Croom Cottage, Birmingham Road
Site: STR-A Warwickshire Stratford-upon-Avon, Anne Hathaway's Cottage, Shottery
Site: STW-A Buckinghamshire Stewkley, 28 High Street North
Site: SUC-A Oxfordshire Sutton Courtenay, Manor Cottage
Site: SUF-A Warwickshire Stretton-under-Fosse, Old Forge
Site: SUT-A West_Midlands Sutton Coldfield, Smithy, 78 Birmingham Road
Site: SYS-A Leicestershire Syston, 72 High Street
Site: WAL-A Warwickshire Haselor, Cruck Cottage, Walcote
Site: WEE-A Buckinghamshire Weedon, Eastgate House, East End
Site: WEL-A Warwickshire Wellesbourne, 2 School Road
Site: WEN-A Buckinghamshire Wendover, 6-8 Pound Street
Site: WOA-A Warwickshire Weston-on-Avon, Low Thatch
Site: WOE-A Leicestershire Woodhouse, Golden Cottage, 280 Forest Road
Site: WOE-B Leicestershire Woodhouse, Old Post Office, 244 Forest Road
Site: WOR-A Warwickshire Water Orton, The Chestnuts, Church Lane
Site: WOS-A West_Midlands Walsgrave-on-Sowe, Cruck House, 14-16 Hinckley Road
Any locations covered by the publication or report. This is not the place the book or report was published.
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Subject - Auto Detected: radiocarbon dating
Monument Type England: HOUSE
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28 Feb 2017