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About us – a new and improved section of the ADS website

Have you always wanted to learn more about the team behind the ADS and what they do? Well our new website has a new dedicated ‘About’ section where you can learn about all things ADS. This section includes:

  • The organisation – Learn more about the history of our organisation and the importance of the ADS for users and depositors.
  • Governance – Find out how we are governed and the role of the ADS Management Committee, who monitor our activities and ensure that we continue to work towards our strategic goals.
  • ADS Policies and Procedure – The policies that guide all the work that the ADS does including how we collect, use and reuse data.
  • Accreditations – We are committed to evaluating and improving our infrastructure and workflows through self-assessment, audit and certification. Here is where to find out more.
  • ADS Presentations – A list of the presentations given by ADS staff members since 2016 including downloadable versions (where possible).
  • ADS Publications – A list of all of the articles and book chapters published by ADS staff on a wide range of topics, including links (via DOIs) to where you can access them.
  • Collaborate with us – We have extensive experience working as a partner on large research projects. Find out more about how you could collaborate with the ADS here.
  • Partnerships – Our current partnerships with regional and national organisations, who advocate for archiving your archaeological data with the ADS.
  • Projects – A list of the ongoing and completed ground breaking research projects that ADS have been involved with over the years.
  • The Internet Archaeology Journal – Information about our partner open access journal, Internet Archaeology, including how you can submit your research for publication.
  • The Open Access Fund – Details about the Open Access Archaeology Fund, which aims to support publishing and archiving costs for researchers who have no means of institutional support.
  • The Team – And last but not least, all the smiling faces of the people behind everything here at the ADS!


At the ADS we are always looking for ways to improve our resources and the information that we provide. If you’ve had a look around this new section of the website and have any thoughts or comments then we would be interested in hearing your thoughts. Please get in touch with us at 

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