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Time for a Survey! User needs for new OASIS

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As work on the new OASIS form continues in earnest, we’re looking ahead to the anticipated release of the public beta in March 2020 and thinking about what kinds of support, guidance and reference resources we’ll need to have in place by release. To this end, a very short survey has been created to allow OASIS users to feedback on what they would like to see provided:

This survey is deliberately very simple, and meant to give us a very clear indication of what users want. Answers will be able to be filtered by type of user, country etc so there’s an opportunity for us to identifiy specific tools or resources for specific communities if needed. It should take less than 5 minutes to complete (honestly!), and no personal data is collected.

Please do take the time to fill this in, even if you don’t use the current system. As the new OASIS will be a key component of reporting and information strategies in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, it really does have a broad remit. Use the chance to make it work for you.