And the winner is……

We were very pleased that the winner of the Goggle Nexus tablet came from the archaeological consultancy sector. From our perspective this is a part of the sector that we sometimes find it difficult to reach and as a result, difficult to assess their requirements, when much of the work in initiating OASIS records falls upon them.

So we were thrilled to find from our winner’s responses that she had a UK wide remit, concentrating on working in the marine environment, and used OASIS to record and report the majority of the projects with which she is involved. It was equally heartening to find that the inclusion of fieldwork reports in the ADS Grey Literature Library was a highly valued outcome and that she had an interest in investigating how OASIS could help in the deposition of both physical and digital archive.

But she wasn’t chosen as a winner (it was a randomly picked survey return) because of the seemingly positive responses to the OASIS system as it stands!. She did have some issues with the system; the flow of the system didn’t seem logical to her and she felt that the terminology used didn’t fit her particular requirements.

Our initial ‘first pass’ analysis of the full set of survey responses are showing the same sort of trends; that some of the outputs are highly valued but the system could do better! So this response and all the others are going to really help us to make the system much more fit for purpose.

Thank you for your continued interest!

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