The ADS is governed by a Management Committee that meets annually, which is made up of representatives of key stakeholders, funders, user communities and the ADS and Internet Archaeology internal management team. The role of the Management Committee is to monitor the progress of the ADS and ensure that the ADS continues to work towards a strategic vision.

The ADS's ongoing development is framed by a Five-Year Strategic Plan which presents the shared vision statement for the ADS and Internet Archaeology.The purpose of this five-year plan is to define the aims for future development, ensure that the Vision Statement is realised, and that both the ADS and Internet Archaeology are adaptive and responsive to changes in internal and external environments.

The ADS publishes an annual report every year in October which details the activities carried out by ADS the preceding year which are available to download here.

The ADS is a not-for-profit organisation hosted by the University of York (charitable status information). The ADS is financed through a combination of project funding and a depositor-charging policy. You can find out more about our funding streams and finance model here.